Choose which language you would like to learn, come along and meet our teachers and have some lessons whilst you are here. 


Polish is a major European language and it is the second-largest language in the Slavonic Language family. Poles rightly pride themselves on their outstanding cultural and literary achievements. After almost 30 years of breathtaking changes and reforms following the end of communism, Poland and Central Europe as a whole are again distinctly dynamic and diverse.  Polish is the second most spoken language in the UK.

Learning a second language is important, but learning Polish is a gateway to understanding a beautiful culture. 


Spanish is one of the romance languages and is spoken by nearly 570 million people across the world, mostly in Spain and southern and central America. Due to the vast numbers of speakers, Spanish is one of the global languages, commonly learnt for business and travel.


 Welsh is spoken in large areas across Wales.  It is a beautiful and old language, with literature dating back into the depths of history, and a poetic and literary tradition that survives to this day and can be seen in a variety of modern-day settings such as the eisteddfod.  Trinity House is situated in Llandudno, so close to the Welsh-speaking heartland of Gwynned, it is ideal for learning or improving your Welsh.


English is the world language and is spoken by nearly 1.5 billion people across the world. It is the unofficial language of global business and diplomacy, and in today's globalised world, it's a must for anyone wishing to get ahead. 



We are planning on having special weekends for the local communities, maybe a weekend to bring the Polish community together, Polish food, games, entertainment, with plenty of fun and excitement. In addition to a Polish weekend, we are planning a Spanish weekend, again with lots of Spanish food, games and enjoyment.



Please watch this space, we will be updating it regularly with information, dates and prices.  We are currently following the government guidelines for COVID-19, when it is safe to do so we will be organising special weekends, lessons, venue hire e t c . 








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