How is your accommodation?

We feel that it is a great setting for school groups as Trinity House used to be two houses and we can still use them in that way. We have allocated names for each house. Caernarfon House is the boys' house and Conwy House the girls' house.


Is there first aid available?

Yes, we do have a first aid box available in each house, it is checked weekly and we will explain to the teachers where the key is located.


Who is in charge if something happens during the night?

Teachers will be the ones in charge if they need anything they can contact our mobile which is on 24 hours.


What do you do regarding fire safety?

The house has been approved by North Wales fire safety officers, they come regularly for inspections. When the group arrives we give a chat explaining what they need to do, there are also notes in each room.


What about pupils with special needs?

We can accommodate children with different learning needs, we have had schools in the past with special needs who booked sole use. We would suggest that you let us know if you have a child/children in your group with learning needs.


Do your prices include VAT?

No, our prices do not include VAT.


Do your staff members have a DBS

Yes, all our current staff have been DBS checked.


Do you have a first aid staff?

We do have members of staff who are First aiders this information will be in reception.


Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes, we do have all the insurances for our business.


What are your accommodation arrangements?

If you are staying for more than 2 nights we will provide you with linen, otherwise, you will have to bring your own sleeping bag.


Do you provide towels?

If you are staying for more than 2 nights, we will provide a body towel and a hand towel otherwise please feel free to bring your own or you can hire them for an extra £3.00 per set.


What kind of food do you provide?

We have many experiences with catering, we offer continental breakfast which consists of toast, brioches, cereals, juice and fruits, a packed lunch which consists of a sandwich, packet of crisps, biscuits and a piece of fruit and an evening meal which consists of a starter, main course and desserts and at 21.00 h  we offer them milk and biscuits.


Are you able to cater for students who have dietary requirements?

Yes, please make us aware of any students who have dietary requirements and we can cater for them when preparing food.


Can we have sole use of the building?

Yes, we can offer you sole use of the building.


What school year group are best suited to coming?

We can accommodate children from year 2 up to year 6, we also cater for secondary school children.


Do you offer activities?

We can offer you classrooms, we have 3 classrooms with a capacity of 10 students in each class.

We can offer you medieval history taste of Wales, Great Orme

We can also offer you crabbing experience on our Pier.

Trinity has our own transport up to 24 so we can organize trips if we have larger groups than 24 we split the day so we can take you out a group of 24 in the morning for example to Conwy and 24 in the afternoon.


What security does the building have?

We have CCTV cameras placed in corridors and main areas. External doors are fitted with coded locks and only staff members know the codes.


What are the usual meal times?

We can be flexible although here is a guideline- 8.00 and 8.30 breakfast

17.30 to 18.00 and 18.00 to 18.30 evening meal.


If the weather is bad what kind of activities could we do?

We have a large screen 60 inch TV, you can choose to watch a movie or we have a Karaoke system in place, with no extra charge for it

Just down the road, we have Bonkers an indoor area for children to play in and if you wish you can have sole use too. An extra cost for entry applies

We can also offer you a choice of crafts activities, using a member of staff to supervise them

A little extra cost applies.

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